Hello, my name is Matthew Miller, and I am pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Misawa, Japan.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in church my whole life. But it was at the age of thirteen when God began to convict me of my sin. This conviction went on for several years, and I began to realize that although I had grown up in church, knew a lot of scripture and religious things, had even prayed a “sinner’s prayer” and been baptized at eight years old, I was still not truly a Christian. I loved my sin and not Christ![1 John 2:15]

I obeyed my sinful desires and not Christ![Luke 6:46]

I was still a slave to my sin[John 8:34], and an enemy of God, and I began to realize that if I died in this condition I would be rightly condemned by God to Hell, because that is all I deserve.[Revelation 21:8]

This conviction came to a critical point, when at age sixteen I went to a youth conference with my youth group. At this  conference they asked us to fast and pray for three days! In the middle of it all God convicted me again and showed me my need for a new birth[John 3:3], for God to change me and give me a new heart. I confessed my sin to God and asked Christ to forgive me and save me.[Psalm 51]


I am a great sinner who has met an even greater Savior!