Calvary Baptist Church 1959 Calvary Baptist grew out 
of a Bible study in the home of a Baptist family on Misawa Air Base ______________ Easter Sunday Regular Sunday worship
services were held May 6 SSgt Alfred Martin became interim pastor of the Baptist fellowship ___________ Dependents School -Original meeting place on Misawa Air Base -Japanese service held in SSgt Martin's home, led by Japanese pastor from Hachinohe
Base Chapel -Chaplains Clyde Wilton and Joseph Coggins conducted services December Missionary Coleman Clarke recommended the fellowship seek sponsorship from Tokyo Baptist Church _ 1960 In January, the fellowship was officially accepted as a mission of Tokyo Baptist Church with 29 charter members _ Misawa Baptist Mission 1961 Became a mission of Tokyo Baptist Church dedicating a building in Misawa - shared by American and Japanese people. Japanese members remained until Sept. '88 when they organized into Misawa Baptist Church Memorial Baptist Mission _ 1964 -July 19 - English speaking members moved to larger facility in Saiwai-cho with 74 charter members Calvary Baptist Church _ 1966 July 31-Construction begins on sanctuary _ 1969 December 17 - First Youth Rally held - a number of attendees have become Christian throughout the years _ 1970 May - Vote to add three classrooms and an office and a two-story education building _
Church Organization and Structure 1990 June - Began a new Japanese mission in Towada City _ 2014 Congregation moved to current location _